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Beauty and Her Beast               New!

Romantic Poetry

by N.R. Hart

N.R.Hart's whimsical romantic flair captures the true essence of love in her poetry. She expresses so authentically her insight on love as she believes love to be many things, least of all predictable. Love will surprise you when you least expect it.

Beauty and Her Beast is a book of poems about love and romance, passion and longing, loss and heartbreak. Understanding that all these things... are in the name of love.

You won't always recognize the heroes of your story while you are living it, but you will understand much later how you were saved by them.

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New! Love Poems to No One

Romantic Poetry

by N.R.Hart

I won’t tell you how love is supposed to be because the truth is, love is many things, least of all predictable. It is feeling things we shouldn’t and not feeling things we should. It is unexplainable at times leaving us at a loss for words. Love is beautiful and complicated and breathtaking. This is a book of poems about love, romance, loss, heartbreak and survival. A voice for the lost loves, the found loves, the silent loves, the unrequited loves. To those who have loved and lost and keep on loving, despite it all. These love poems are to no one. These love poems are to you. -N.R.Hart

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Poetry and Pearls II

by N.R.Hart

Cover Art by Logan Rogers

A true romantic at heart, N.R.Hart expresses feelings of love, hope, passion, despair, vulnerability and romance in her poetry. Trapping time forever and a keeper of memories is what she loves most about the enduring power of poetry. Her poetry has been so eloquently described as "words delicately placed inside a storm." Poetry is here to make us feel instead of think; as thinking is for the mind and poetry is for the heart and soul. N.R.Hart hopes to open up your heart and touch your soul with her poetry.

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A Cultured Girl                           

by Terri Mash

From Ohio, USA, Terri Mash finds joy living in the rural hills of southeastern Ohio. Sitting on her front porch, Terri writes of her family, friends, horses, dogs, and more. She finds quiet time by the creek and under the pine canopy, nestled in the needles, where she remembers her past as she plans her future. A heartfelt poet and illustrator, Terri invites you into the mind of A Cultured Girl.

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A Cultured Girl