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Ohio USA


From the Back of the Bus to the Front of the Classroom

My Thirty Year Journey as a Black 

and Blind Professor

Dr. jw Smith

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Hard Way to Go:

The Horse of a Lifetime


The Company Owned Ohio Town that Outlived the Company

Larry A. Horn, Sr.

No One Cheers for Goliath

My Leadership Journey

Timothy J. Brown, Ph.D.

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The Hitchhikers Guide

to Yerba Mate

Marcia Lewandowski

Love and Loss:

The Storied Nature of

 Nursing Home Care

Carolyn Bailey Lewis, Ph.D.

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The Waygook Book

A Foreigner's Guide to South Korea


Finding Joy on Horseback

Joy S. MillerUpton

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Worth Going Back

A Memoir of Alaska

John Williams

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Mary Whalen

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