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From the Back of the Bus to the Front of the Classroom

My Thirty Year Journey as a Black 

and Blind Professor

Dr. jw Smith

After 30 years as a professor in the field of Communication Studies, Dr. Smith reminisces about some of his experiences and how his race and differently abled intersectionality have influenced documented encounters. As a black and totally blind individual, he muses about how this distinction has both colored and shed light on what might have been innocuous or unremarkable encounters otherwise. This narrative charts his journey from leaving for graduate school to his present position as a tenured professor at a Midwest institution of higher learning. The memoir is riveting because of its vulnerability, candid honesty, and fresh transparency, as well as its conversational tone and quality. It is simultaneously an easy read but one that can also cause reflection and soul-searching without much warning. While the challenges of race and differently-abled issues are documented (and sometimes painfully so), Dr. Smith ultimately concludes that for the most part, these unique foci resulted in more positive outcomes than negative ones. It seems that only in America, is this story possible and the ultimate success of this memoir is clearly due to a strong faith in God, consistent and contagious family support, and hard work and perseverance.

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Hard Way to Go:

The Horse of a Lifetime

NC Matheny just happened to fall in love with an orphan foal that would define his life. First named "Trouble", then officially "Hard Way to Go", finally "Casey", this Tennessee Walking Horse was destined to bring joy and happiness. Through dramatic scenarios, funny anecdotes, and seasons of hope, the meager foal would grow to become a beautiful stallion facing extraordinary odds while inspiring everyone who meets him. The author intertwines his missionary work in Honduras with his love for horses. Twenty-two years of nurturing and friendship create an incredible testimony to God's power and the thrills of horsemanship.



The Company Owned Ohio Town that Outlived the Company

Larry A. Horn, Sr.

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Mother Nature shares her picturesque beauty with the little community of Haydenville; the architectural design of the homes and church are magnificent. Take a journey along the banks of the Hocking River, through rural Southeastern Ohio with historian Larry A. Horn, Sr., as he documents the innovative people and intriguing character of Haydenville. A one of a kind town that deserves the honor of being listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and holds the distinguished honor of being known as the last company town in Ohio.

No One Cheers for Goliath

My Leadership Journey

Timothy J. Brown, Ph.D.

 No One Cheers for Goliath revisits Dr. Brown's leadership journey in higher education through personal reflections, life experiences, and memories of the people and events that shaped his leadership philosophy of being a servant-leader. Dr. Brown's servant-leadership approach is forged upon building authentic relationships and providing individuals with opportunities and support in order for them to succeed. Through powerful personal examples and stories, Dr. Brown captures what he learned as a leader in higher education. He believes in people because others had believed in him. He supports people as others supported him. He connects with people as others have connected with him. His ability to see people through their challenges, is reflective of the challenges that he had to overcome. The people, events, and circumstances that Dr. Brown discusses in No One Cheers for Goliath are meant to motivate, to encourage, and inspire leaders and aspiring leaders. As a result, effective leadership is a transformative process where the leader comes along side others to unlock their potential in order for them to reach goals that might have otherwise seemed unobtainable.

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Worth Going Back

A Memoir of Alaska

John Williams

The sun glistening off snow-capped mountain peaks, the tall spruce of the north swaying in a gentle breeze, salmon making their final swim, this is what welcomed John and his wife Teddi on a road trip to the uppermost points of North American. A son Pete supplied an item that motivated a documentation of such a journey; a simple blank journal.

John realized that dates and places were not what brought him here, but a lifetime of history and preparation. The journey goes backward in time as well as being in the present. On this road trip, he could take his children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, and visitors on a venture back as each day presented new and amazing sites that only he and his wife could see. His present will become history, but his history created the present. The stories are real. The people are real. A cast of characters details the relationship.

Along the road, John understands that there is always something beyond that can't be seen. Life's ventures either harden or temper us. The latter gives one purpose and even an appreciation for where we are. John chose the latter.

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Mary Whalen

A heartfelt tale of planting, growing and blooming. Sincere and inspiring, follow along as the author tells the life of a rose, beginning in the Garden of Eden, reseeding throughout history, finally to modern times where the rose continues to represent love and beauty. The Forgotten Rose will become one of your favorite short stories.

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The Waygook Book

A Foreigner's Guide to South Korea

Sometimes home is best understood from the other side of the world. It’s Chicago in 2012, and Matthew has three jobs, two degrees, and one relentless itch to return home to Ohio. Rather than drive 317 miles east to Columbus, he and his wife travel 6600 miles west to teach English in South Korea. Follow Matthew as he navigates living, working and traveling in the Land of the Morning Calm. Whether he’s plucking gray hairs for a co-teacher, visiting a toilet museum, or starring in a Johannes Gutenberg documentary, Matthew approaches each new adventure along his journey home with wit, heart, and a good dose of cluelessness.   Barnes & Noble