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Ohio USA

Ohio USA


July Featured Author

John Williams

     The sun glistening off snow-capped mountain peaks, the tall spruce of the north swaying in a gentle breeze, salmon making their final swim, this is what welcomed John and his wife Teddi on a road trip to the uppermost points of North American. A son Pete supplied an item that motivated a documentation of such a journey; a simple blank journal. 

     John realized that dates and places were not what brought him here, but a lifetime of history and preparation. The journey goes backward in time as well as being in the present. On this road trip, he could take his children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, and visitors on a venture back as each day presented new and amazing sites that only he and his wife could see. His present will become history, but his history created the present. The stories are real. The people are real. A cast of characters details the relationship.

     Along the road, John understands that there is always something beyond that can’t be seen. Life’s ventures either harden or temper us. The latter gives one purpose and even an appreciation for where we are. John chose the latter.