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Chauncey's Blood                          New!

by Curt J. Robinette

A young man from Chauncey, Ohio, is one of the first to answer the President’s call for volunteers to help defend the nation. As a “90-day wonder”, he evaluates his opportunities and makes the choice of cavalry over infantry. With his childhood friend, they depart on the trip of a lifetime. Based upon actual experiences, good and bad. A story filled with military and historical facts and appropriate assumptions to get them where they ended up. Heroes of a different sort, Hiram and Robert answered the call to duty and gave their best to help save the country. Experience their adventures and immediately realize their contributions. It is an engaging emotional story that leaves the reader wanting more.

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Chauncey's Blood
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Footprints in the Dust

by L.E. Hutchinson

The peace and beauty of the Ohio countryside became still when the real presence of the war came knocking. Thousands of young Ohio men eagerly enlisted and abandoned their families and everyday lives. There would be no contentment for a long time to come. Discover how one family struggled through hard times, love and despair during the Civil War. Let not the passage of time erase their memories and may their footprints in the dust not fade away.

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Footprints in the Dust