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Timothy J. Brown, Ph.D.

 No One Cheers for Goliath revisits Dr. Brown's leadership journey in higher education through personal reflections, life experiences, and memories of the people and events that shaped his leadership philosophy of being a servant-leader. Dr. Brown's servant-leadership approach is forged upon building authentic relationships and providing individuals with opportunities and support in order for them to succeed. Through powerful personal examples and stories, Dr. Brown captures what he learned as a leader in higher education. He believes in people because others had believed in him. He supports people as others supported him. He connects with people as others have connected with him. His ability to see people through their challenges, is reflective of the challenges that he had to overcome. The people, events, and circumstances that Dr. Brown discusses in No One Cheers for Goliath are meant to motivate, to encourage, and inspire leaders and aspiring leaders. As a result, effective leadership is a transformative process where the leader comes along side others to unlock their potential in order for them to reach goals that might have otherwise seemed unobtainable.

No One Cheers for Goliath: My Leadership Story

Available in Trade Paperback