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February Featured Illustrator

Zorka Velickovic

Zorka Veličković, is a self-taught artist from Srbija. She lives in the small town of Kragujevac, in the part of the country called Woodland. She is a mother of a 22-year-old son and works as a teacher at a local Elementary school. From 2011 she has dedicated her art exclusive to painting and promoting horses of Indian breeds - Marwaris and Kathiawaris, and horses of Pakistan. Her paintings are mostly in private collections worldwide; she holds permanent exhibition in a restaurant gallery at the local race court in her town. Her art was part of the endurance event at Sikar 2015. Her paintings were official promoting poster at same event. She has visited India three times and she was guest and visitor of many respectful horse farms at Punjab and Rajasthan. In last five years of her artwork, she painted more than a thousand famous and less famous but beautiful Indian horses.

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