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September Featured Author 

Kaitlin Kulich

Kaitlin Kulich is a children's author, an editor for The Avenue News, and a reporter for multiple local newspapers throughout the mid to upper shore regions of Maryland USA. She attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, where she received a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and specialized in Environmental Studies. Pawpaw is My Favorite Flavor!  is Kaitlin’s first children's book and she plans to continue writing and working with children throughout her career. Aside from writing, Kaitlin enjoys spending time with family, friends, and daydreaming about her pet pig she plans to have one day.

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New Children's Literature! 

Fancy Flowers by Faye

Written by Mark M. Dean

Illustrated by Emi Olin

Can you say chrysanthemum? It’s a tough one! Have you ever felt a lamb’s ear or seen the brightest yellow of a sunflower? Come for an exciting visit to grandmother’s flower shop where you can discover many of the flowers and plants living in your backyard, down at the park or maybe peeking at you during a hike in the woods. Follow Faye’s granddaughter as she shows you her absolute favorites decorating her grandmother’s flower shop. The bright and popping colors jump off the page to capture your imagination for an afternoon of fun. Come on in and begin the discovery!

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Coming Soon!

Sábana the Sloth

Written by Cristina Sicard

Illustrated by Sarah de Camps

Children's Literature

The second book from author Cristina Sicard, follow Sábana as he overcomes his fears. Beautiful, full-color illustrations, available in paperback.

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