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New Children's Literature! 

Pudgy Possum and the Porcupine

Written and Illustrated by Kathy S. Elasky

Pudgy Possum meets a strange creature that he has never seen before. His new friend, Peter Porcupine, inspires a big idea for staying safe from Felix Fox. Will Pudgy's idea work? Only time will tell.

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Beauty and Her Beast               New!

Romantic Poetry

by N.R. Hart

N.R.Hart's whimsical romantic flair captures the true essence of love in her poetry. She expresses so authentically her insight on love as she believes love to be many things, least of all predictable. Love will surprise you when you least expect it.

Beauty and Her Beast is a book of poems about love and romance, passion and longing, loss and heartbreak. Understanding that all these things... are in the name of love.

You won't always recognize the heroes of your story while you are living it, but you will understand much later how you were saved by them.

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Monday Creek Publishing

New Children's Literature! 

How Do We Know That Winter's Aglow?

by Betty White Jenkins

Illustrated by Marjorie White McVey

The beauty of winter is captured as children relate to the many wonders of winter: sledding, making snow angels, and building a snowman. It brings to life the magical wonders of winter that make winter aglow.

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Nelsonville from A to Z

Available locally from Stuart's Opera House, Nelsonville, Ohio

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Monday Creek Publishing

The Big Sky Boys And Life on the Spinnin' Spur       

by Todd Linder                                  

Cover Art & Design by Logan Rogers

Set in the West of bygone years, the Big Sky Boys live and work together on the Spinnin’ Spur ranch along with the ranch cook and Rooster's pet armadillo, Albert. They work the hard life of cowboys, but there’s always a way to have a little fun while working! From bronc busting to birthday parties to making music, you never can tell what will happen. And even though there’s plenty of teasing that goes on, in the end they are the best of partners.

Middle School Readers Ages 7 - 12

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New Children's Literature! 

Twillaby Pond

by Patricia L.H. Black

Illustrated by Deborah Hayhurst

A little wee pock and a water-blue pret sail off across Twillaby Pond on a wind-blown leaf to more adventure than they expected – sailing through a rainbow, meeting a whole new world of pond inhabitants they’d never even known about. Exhausted at the end of a long, long day and worried about how to get back home they get assistance from an unexpected source.

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