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My first poetry book "Poetry and Pearls" edited by Gina McKnight was released in November of 2015. Gina was extremely dedicated to my project and my poetry from the very beginning! I would even say she helped to discover and introduce me by publishing an interview about my poetry on her website. She agreed to take on my project and she worked day and night to help with the design layout editing publishing and marketing of my book. She did it all! And for that I was extremely grateful and relieved to have my book in such capable hands. She worked very hard with me to achieve the most beautiful poetry book ever published! She walked me through each stage of the editing process assisting with the design and answering every question I had completely and thoroughly. I cannot express enough how my first poetry book had become an overnight success due to the dedicated efforts of Gina and Monday Creek Publishing. She is my lifeline and her expertise in the entire publishing process was instrumental in achieving the success with my book. 

N.R. Hart, Author "Poetry and Pearls" a book of romantic poetry volume 1 

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I have published with Monday Creek and you really will not find better. I believe in a few years Monday Creek will be a serious name in the publishing industry. The effort given to every project is staggering.     

  Chris Dyer, Author