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Date                     Author                                  Event

09/14/2018          Kaitlin Kulich                         Premier! PawPaw is My Favorite Flavor, Ohio Pawpaw Festival, Athens, Ohio

06/29/2018         Curt J. Robinette                    Meet the Author, Nelsonville Final Fridays, Public Square, Nelsonville, Ohio

05/04/2018         Cristina Sicard                        Premier! Harmony, Little Professor Book Center, Athens, Ohio

01/29/2018          Deanie Humphrys-Dunne   Deanie's Interview with Sherry Ellis - Mama Diaries Blog

01/22/2018          Mark M. Dean                        Meet the Author, Barnes & Noble, Henderson, Nevada, 6 PM

01/16/2018           Mark M. Dean                        Interview - WOUB Public Radio The Art of Storytelling with Emily Votaw

12/16/2017           Gina McKnight                       Meet the Author, Athens Public Library, Athens, OH, 2 PM

12/10/2017           Mark M. Dean                        Premier!  The Adventures of Coal & Andy Rocky Outlet, Nelsonville, OH, 2 PM

12/09/2017          Mark M. Dean                         Premier! The Adventures of Coal & Andy, Rocky Outlet, Nelsonville, OH, 2 PM

11/12/2017           Deanie Humphrys-Dunne    Meet the Author, High Hopes Farm, 36 Town Woods Road, Old Lyme, Connecticut

09/23/2017          L.E. Hutchinson                     Footprints in the Dust, Putnam County District Library, Ottawa, OH, 1 PM

08/06/2017         L.E. Hutchinson                     Footprints in the Dust, The Sherman House, Lancaster, OH, 2 PM

07/22/2017         Gina McKnight                        Milliron Trilogy, Shade Library, Shade, OH 6 PM

06/30/2017         L.E. Hutchinson                     Footprints in the Dust, Meet the Author, Final Friday, Nelsonville, OH, 6 PM 

06/23/2017         Mark M. Dean                         Good Works Children's Program, The Plains Methodist Church, The Plains, Ohio 45780

06/16/2017          Gina McKnight                       Premier! Milliron Trilogy, Milliron Clinic, Athens, OH, 6 PM

06/04/2017         L.E. Hutchinson                     Footprints in the Dust, The Bowen House, Logan, Ohio 43138, 2 PM

05/13/2017          L.E. Hutchinson                     Premier! Footprints in the Dust, Logan-Hocking Library, Logan, OH, 2 PM

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